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Farmhouse Embroidered Tea Towels

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These machine embroidered tea towels are a beautiful addition to your farmhouse kitchen, whether you are on the farm, on an acreage, or in an urban/suburban setting.

Some of these tea towel designs are over 19,000 individual stitches!

These towels are as tough as they are beautiful. They have been a workhorse in my own kitchen for years, especially in canning season! They wash up beautifully, even in extra hot water, and never lose their charm. Dryer safe. 



Measurements: 18.5 x 25.5 inches

Material: 100% cotton

Features: hanging loop in top right corner


Important notes: 

-These tea towels come pre-washed and will not shrink.

-You will receive your towels with a white material on the back called "stabilizer". This material is necessary for the machine embroidering process. This material will come off over time, but do not fret, it does not affect the stability of the stitching itself, and your stitching will remain intact!

-Give your tea towels time to "wear in". When you use them for the first time you may notice they don't dry your dishes immediately. Keep using it, and it will work in and before you know it you will be reaching for it time and time again!